dimanche 24 juillet 2016

Rushin' Delivery: Devblog #2

Definitely shorter than last week's devblog!

🚗 New AI: Firetruck

This week, the biggest addition to the game is the 'Fire truck'. Like other cars, it has a defined route, but once a fire breaks out, the firetruck's speed increases and it continues on its route until it reaches the fire. It will take a defined amount of time for the fire truck to extinguish a fire. 

What I have in mind here is that this value should not be random, and thus, could be more easily anticipitated by players (I hope!). For now, what I plan to do is to have multiple houses that could be set on fire, and the game chooses randomly which one will catch fire. Is it worse than a random time to extinguish fire? Is random really necessary? (I think so, but it should be used sparingly).

As you can see on the gif, it totally ignores other cars and sends them off the road. The thing is, they can land on the road and be obstacles or land and you and make you lose (truth be said though, I kinda like it, but I do not think players will...).

In conclusion, this firetruck could be a great addition to the game, but it could also turn out to be a major constraint and frustrate players. I will undoubtedly have to get back to this and rework on this AI. And, last thing, yesterday I added a feedback that I will also use for the pizza truck. This could help players to anticipate if the amount of time for the fire truck to extinguish a fire is a random value.

plz don't mind the cars in the background!

🚗 NPC ('Non-Playable Cars')

I think you have already understood this quite well, there are several non-playable cars that will be used as obstacles on the road. Some have simple behaviors and others have more sophisticated. So far, there are 6 non-playable cars divided in 3 categories:

Standard: cars, buses, trucks
Always the same path, at the same speed. Because of their size, buses and trucks are harder to avoid. They will always interact with traffic lights. 

Random: fire trucks, pizza trucks 
The fire truck has a defined route and travels at standard speed until a house catches fire. Its speed will increase and it will continue its path until it reaches the house. Pizza trucks (not done yet!) will travel slightly faster than standard cars and will randomly (or not) stop in front of some houses for a defined (or random) amount of time.  

Two-stated: police cars
The police car, as seen before, has a defined route and travels at standard speed until it sees the player overspeeding. 

Note that in their 'urgency state', police cars and fire trucks will ignore traffic lights (obviously!).

With those different types of behaviors, I should be able to find some great combinations and make more levels with more variety. I have more levers on which I can work on to avoid repetition. If 6 are not enough, I have a few ideas left, but for now, I am afraid it will be too much. 

🚗 Traffic Lights

Welp, I think the title says pretty much everyting. Friday I worked on traffic lights and they work! I can easily change the time between each light, and therefore I hope it will help me create more sophisticated levels that will make players anticipate and take risks (players tend to like games that give emotions! :o).

Simple but adds some depth to the game

🚗 Win Menu

Very small addition to the win menu, there are now three different distinctions that rely on players' final score. Maybe it will motivate some players (I mean, who doesn't want that 'Excellent' reward??).


Also, now people are notified when they have set a new record. It's very simple (maybe too simple...), and I will undoubtedly rework this feedback sooner or later. This should be juicier

🚗 What's next?

Okay, so next week, I will finish non-playable cars with the pizza truck. Once I have all those components ready to be used, I will start to iterate on multiple levels designs and then do some quick playtests.

The thing is, I'm wondering if police cars, fire trucks and pizza trucks work well and add something to the game. But also, if randomness is really necessary. I mean, fire trucks and pizza trucks could work without random values. However, I feel like it will be too easy... but I can be wrong! This is why I wanna see how all of this fits together.

If things turn out to be okay, I will start to work on tutorials and new levels. Then, once I think I have enough (interesting) levels, I'll release a beta version to let people try Rushin' Delivery and get some feedbacks (yeah, hype!). Let's hope for the best. :D

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